Cosplay creatures
The Lessons Learned.

On 3-3-13 My daughter, Son and I were sitting on my bed playing Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the white Witch.  My daughter Jane is four and my son Trent is 6. We love Ni no Kuni and both of them have been with me through every step of Oliver and companys adventures. 
On this day my daughter fell off the bed and began seizing. It was very scary  for all of us. I called 911. My son who was crying waited for the police and ambulance by the door. Once he was given a task he came to the call. I am so proud of him. He answered questions and got his sister clothes while we loaded her up in the ambulance.
On the way to the hospital Trent talked to Jane about how she would need to have courage like Esther in the game. I was shocked at how my daughter faced such a scary situation because she wants to be like Esther. She never once cried or jerked away when they put in a IV. She didn’t freak out when she saw the blood from it. She really was being courageous.
After it was over and we were waiting on a MRI at the hospital I gave my son  a hug and told him he was a Hero for helping me. He looked at me and said.

"Oliver is the biggest Hero, I was trying to be like him"

I have never had a prouder moment as a Gamer and a Mom. This wonderful game taught them so much about Human spirit and Human qualities. Things they, I believe, Couldn’t have learned from any other source. Only when they saw how Oliver and Esther braved dangers and scary situations did they know that they could too.

Several days later, I felt the need to E-Mail Namco Bandai and thank them for bringing this game to the states. How it had such a positive impact on my children. They replied promptly and wanted to send something for my kids.

A week later, My daughter had a EEG to test to see if she would have repeat seizures.

After the EEG we were going to go take a nap. When we heard a knock on the door. It was a package from Namco Bandai containing so many wonderful things. My son was at school so we set his gifts out for him on his bed.

My son couldn’t believe it when he got home! He was beside himself with the gifts. He now has a Wizards Companion and cape and is convinced he is a real wizard now. Which is just fine by me.

Jane sleeps with her Mr. Drippy every night and frequently corners me to talk like Mr. Drippy so she can converse with the plushie. She has also request I make her a Esther costume.

And with that I would like to thank Namco Bandai for taking the time out for my two kids who truly love their product. Thank you to Level 5 and studio Ghibli for creating such a wonderful world for my children to get lost in. Thank you for giving them Oliver and Esther to look up too. Gaming gets a lot of bad press for it’s negative impact on children. I’m glad there are games like Ni no Kuni that I can say my children are better prepared for the real world because of the experiences in the game.

TL;DR Ni no Kuni is awesome, Namco Bandai is awesome. Please Reblog to share appreciation for this wonderful game.

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